12 Books Everyone Should Read Once in their Life


Books are the best friend of human because they never lie. Books open the doors of our minds, allowing us to live a full life and travel the world without moving an inch from our comfort zone.

One of my friends says that everyone should read books because books contain the best part of someone’s life. So, you can take a lesson from the author life and you can make your life better. I know everyone has a different story but mistakes can be same.

Whenever we read books, we step into someone’s life, we see the world through someone’s eyes and visit all the places visually which we didn’t visit practically.

Books motivate us and teach some important lessons of life like love, heartbreak, friendship, happiness and the resilience of human spirits.

There are so many books but there is less time. So we bring the collection of 12 books everyone should read once in their life:

As a Man Thinketh By James Allen

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This is a great philosophical piece was published in 1903 by James Allen. It’s less than the 50 pages and was meant to fit in anyone’s pocket.

This book is very simple in terms of length and language so that everyone could understand the point which the author trying to make about how power over one thought give the power over one life.

It is an easy and self-help classic, which tells about the key to mastering your life, is based on the power of your thought and helps you to develop the attitude of a positive and successful people.

Here are three great lessons of this book:

  • What do you do is the result of what do you think
  • You shape the world just as much as it shapes you
  • Be careful about what you think, it might make you age faster

1984 by George Orwell

books everyone should read - 1984

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I read this book last year and it has some amazing content. “George Orwell’s tragic, authoritarian universe of control, dread and lies has never been progressively significant. Dig into the life of Winston Smith as he battles with his creating human instinct in our current reality where distinction, free will and love are taboo.”

The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

books everyone should read - the hobbit

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Despite the fact that the motion pictures are mysteriously long, The Hobbit was initially composed as a short kids’ book. Meet your most loved characters out of the blue as the exceptional Bilbo Baggins navigates the cruel scenes of Middle Earth to challenge a dragon.

The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane

books everyone should read - The charisma myth

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This is one of the finest books I’ve ever read in my life. This book taught us how to be more charismatic in our life. It has the number of great wisdom and insight with good psychology and practical advice.

This book tells us:

  • Charisma is something we all can learn
  • Charisma is presence, power and warmth. Too much warmth is equal to too nice and too much power is equal to arrogant and distant.
  • There can be some negative of charisma like jealousy and isolation: use vulnerability

Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita - books everyone should read

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If you want to know about life in depth then you should read this book. Read Bhagavad Geeta and follow the life according to the rule of creator of this universe (Shri Krishna) and attain mukti.

In one line its Philosophy of Life.

Famous Quotes of Shri Krishna “If you fail to achieve your goal. Change the Strategy. Not the Goal”.

The First 20 Hours by Josh Kaufman

books everyone should read - the first 20 hours

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If you’re one of them who wants to learn things fast then this book is for you. The First 20 Hours is all about secrets of rapid skill acquisitions.

One of the best quotes said by author of this book that “The best thing can happen to a human being is to find a problem, to fall in love with that problem and to live trying to solve that problem, unless another problem even more lovable appears.”

The Handmaid Tale by Margaret Atwood

books everyone should read - The handmade tale

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This book tells a stunning story of government takeover by an ultra-outrageous religious gathering ruled by men and supported by their latent spouses. Ladies in the nation of Gilead are oppressed to the job of spouse raiser, maid, sex laborer, or disposable commodity.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

books everyone should read - the book thief

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The Book Thief is about a young German girl Liesel, she steals books from the tyranny of Nazi rule. In the meantime, her family hides a Jewish fighter in their basement and passing looks down on the family, portraying our story. Experience courage that is rarely found in this world and companionship that is shaped in the most unlikely of circumstances. The author has written a heartbreaking tale of the power and joy of books even in the darkest days.

The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

books everyone should read - the forever war

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Written on the Vietnam War The Forever War, follow soldier William Mandella who leaves the earth of battle the mysterious alien race, the Taurans. Because of the time travel on spaceship travel, he ages 10 years while 700 years pass on the earth. Then Mandella return on different planet which he can’t able to recognize.

How to talk anyone by Leil Lowndes

books everyone should read - How to talk anyone

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This books is a collection of amazing tips which helps you to master in the art of human communication, makes good first impression and make comfortable who around you in all walks of life.

Key points of How to Talk Anyone:

  • A good introduction will always lead to a good chat.
  • Simulate people and empathizing with them always makes easy to them become your friend.

Outlier – The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell

books everyone should read - outlier

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This book is about success, how successful people became so successful in their life. It is must read book for them who wants to enhance their mind about thought which contribute to success of icons like Steve Jobs, Bill gates and many more.

Outliers define the truth behind the success of people in their field which often collection of lucky events, rare opportunities and other external factors which are out of control. Some of the important lesson of Outlier:

  • Where you come from is matters like Asian are good in math
  • The month you’re born in also matters
  • After you cross a specific skill limit then your abilities won’t support you

How to win friend and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

books everyone should read- how to win friend

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This book is all about emotional intelligence. This book teaches the number of method & principle which helps you to become most likable person, handle your family & relationship well, win heart of other people and many more.

This book totally depends on behavioral psychology, has the number of rules that make you the most liked person, gets the other to do favors and changes their behavior under your influence.

So here is my list of 12 book everyone should read once in their life. If you have read any of the books from the above list then share your thought with us and if I miss your favorite book then let me know in the below comment section.

Hope you love them. Cheers, until next post!!!

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