25 Best Beaches in the World


What makes a beach an amazing beach all depends on a traveler. Some of them like deserted shorelines with calm water and some of them love wide, open beaches where they can do lots of adventure. Volume369 took all these factors like beautiful scenery, adventurous, peace, safety, the color of sand, swimming and overall accessibility to determine the best beaches in the world.

There is plenty to enjoy where you find merely sand and sea; Beach. Every beach has something special but we listed here those stand apart from the rest like Whitehaven beach of Australia, Pink sand beach of Bahamas, Butterfly beach of India and many more.

So get ready to dip your toes into sandy goddess of these 25 best beaches of the world:

25 Best Beaches in the World

1. Zlatni Rat – Brac, Croatia

zlatni rat

Zlatni Rat beach which is also known as Golden Horn Beach is a little beautiful place that has been awarded as little of beat tourist destination of Croatia.

One word can describe the beauty of this beach – Stunning, crystal clear and turquoise. Zlatni rat beach is famous for its unique shape that is around half kilometer long and it is a natural phenomena. The beach offers off white pebbles that are pleasant to walk.

Why should you visit?

Zlatni Rat beach is famous for its unique shape like human tongue which extend in the sea around 500 meters. This beach has everything that need for a good vacation a forest, bathing, surfing, adventure, delicious food and many more.

How to reach?

The location of the Zlatni Rat is a protected natural area which is 2 KM away from Bol. You can reach there by car or take 20-minute walk along the sea. In summer every half an hour there is a tourist train going to the beach or you can take boats from the Port of Bol.

Things to do:

Zlatni Rat beach is located on Brac Island near Bol. Here you can play a game of tennis, cycling, windsurfing, watersports, beach bar, sunbathing, sunset view and you can take the spa as well.

2. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland, Australia

whiteheaven beach

Spread over 7 kilometers this beach Located on Australia’s Whitsunday Island. It is one of the cleanest beaches and is washed by blue water and turquoise green. It has been voted as the most eco-friendly beach in the world.

Here you’ll find sunshine over 290 days in a year with a temperature around 37 degrees Celsius.

Whitehaven beach is the most photographed beach of Australia.

How to get there?

There are endless options available to get Whitehaven beach like seaplanes, boat, flights, boats, private charter boats and skydiving. Depends on the season you can hire any of them.

Best time to visit:

During Australian summer from September to late December.

Things to do:

There are number of things you can do here like a paddleboard, beach sport, romantic picnic, watersports, experience Whitehaven from air, visit nearby beaches and take a tour of Whitsunday island.

Interesting fact:

Whitehaven offers you the whitest sand of the earth and the sand that never retain heat because it is composed of 98% silica that has powder-like consistency. So you can walk here with barefoot on a hot day as well.

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3. Grace Bay beach, Turks & Caicos

greece bay beach

The Turks and Caicos include 40 islands and cays, of which Providenciales is the main visitor focus. It’s here, on the northern shore, that you’ll find Grace Bay, a 4.8 KM heaven ideal blend of sugary sand and straightforward water, bordered by a coral reef framework with astonishing swimming and diving.

The coral reef protect the beach from powerful swells and creating a glass smooth surface that’s allow visitor to swim with ease.

Famous For:

World-Class resort, soft white & warm sand, Caribbean sand, princess Alexandra National Park and large barrier reef.

Things to do:

Paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing, sailing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

How to reach:

Grace Bay beach is located on Provo in Truks and Caicos. It is easy to reach there by cab, rental cars and public transport.

4. Navagio beach, Greece


Navagio beach is an isolated beach located sandy cove on Zakynthos island is one the of the best beach in Greece. It is also called as Shipwreck because it is home of wreck ship called Panagiotis that is believed a smuggler beach and that’s the reason it is also known as smuggler cove.

This beach is recognized by its limestone cliffs, clear and crystal blue water and white sand that attracts thousands of visitor every year. Since it is covered by towering golden cliffs so you only able to reach here by boat.

Things to do:

Boat ride, sunset dinner, dive with turtle, sunbathing, swimming and visit the Venetian Castle. Visit Zante town, Roman Mansion, Blue caves, Keri caves, Byzantine museum.


The temperature of Navagio beach lies between 24 to 26 deg. Most of the time you will get clear sky that makes it perfect place for outdoor activities.

How to get there:

The beach is only accessible by boat only by land transport will take you only to town, ports and on the cliffs above the sea.

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5. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

anse source d'genet

The mixture of clear blue water, golden sand, shallow and imposing granite formation makes it one of the most photographed beach in the world. Its offshore coral reef provides protection from Indian ocean waves due to that water is shallow, calm with small waves and that makes it a perfect spot for swimming. The water of this beach so crystal and clear that you can spot a turtle swimming off the shore. You’re advised to come early in the morning because after 10 AM this beach is particularly busy.

6. Milaidhoo Island Maldives


The Maldives is a crowd favorite destination, especially for couples. And here come intimate, stylish and luxurious natural wonders, Milaidhoo island which is surrounded by white sand and beautiful coral reef. Come and enjoy some luxurious facilities of the world like water pool villa, beach pool villa, beach residence, ocean residence and many more.

7. Kanuhura Maldives


Again Maldives because it is very hard to pick one beach from this beautiful destination. This whale-shaped beautiful wonder of nature located in the lovely quiet Lhaviyani Atoll with great range of facilities and perfect beaches makes it a perfect spot for families, couples and solo travelers.

This phenomenal five-star destination is actually mixture of three islands – two deserted neighboring islands and Kanuhura itself. Here you will get extraordinary accommodation, range of world-class restaurants and bars, extra activities and unforgettable timeless memories.

8. Maya bay beach, Thailand

maya bay

In 1999 “The Beach” movie was filmed here and after that May Bay became immensely popular between tourists. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Phi Phi. To reach there you need to hire a boat.

This amazing beauty is sheltered by 100 meter high cliffs on three sides. Inside it, there are many small beaches exists on low tide.

The best time to visit Maya Bay is from Nov to April. During that season seas are calm and you’ll easily get access. To avoid the crowd tries to visit early in the morning.

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9. Secret Lagoon IN EL Nido, Palawan, Philippines

secret lagoon

If you ever been in EI Nido then don’t miss this beautiful masterpiece of nature. Actually Secret Lagoon is a small water pool inside EL Nido, Palawan beach behind the towering Karst Cliffs. The temperature inside it is cooler because it is constantly in the shadow karst cliffs.

The water inside secret lagoon is shallow, it goes deeper when you go further, so be careful. It feels amazing when you enter white sandy beaches and tropical jungles.

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10. Glass Beach, California, USA

glass beach

Glass beach is not an ordinary beach, it gets its name from the smooth colorful glass on the shore. There is an interesting story about this beach – In the early 20th century, this place became a public dump because Fort Bragg residents threw their household garbage including old cars on the shore of the sea. After many years that garbage turns into this beautiful Glass beach. It is illegal to remove any glass from this beach.

11. Hidden beach, Mexico

hidden beach

Playa del Amor is also known as Hidden beach. It is one of the main tourist attractions of the Marieta Islands that is home of several uninhabited islands formed by Underwater volcano eruptions. The hidden beach looks like a part of a fantasy movie, it has everything that you need for joy.

This secret beach is hidden from the outer world and you can only reach there via a water tunnel that links to the Pacific ocean. It is actually an open hole with crystal and clear blue water and natural wildlife.

12. Pink Sand Beach, Harbor Island, Bahamas

pink sand beach

The pink sand beach is one of the most beautiful pink beach in the world and it is the main tourist attraction of Harbor Island that is located along its eastern Atlantic Oceanside. In March 2005, it featured on The Travel Channel world best beach segment.

This beach is stretching more than 3 miles and 50 to 100 feet wide. Mixing of light pink sand and blue water creates an amazing effect like you’re flying in the cloud at sunset. A coral reef protects the beach from the strong wave of Atlantic ocean and that create an opportunity of swimming. Come here and color your world with relaxation and exploration.

13. Kaputas beach, Turkey


Located 20 KM from Kas, Kaputas beach is definitely one of the must-visit places for your vacation. As compared to others it is not that big but worth to visit. To reach there you need to take some walk around 190 steps but isn’t too bad to see the stunning view and getting a warm kiss of the sea. By first glance, it looks like covered by nature because all three side surrounded by the mountains and that makes a wonderful opportunity to swim there.

According to Flightnetwork the Average annual temperature of this beach around 24 degrees Celsius and you’ll get around 292-day annual sunshine.

14. Matira beach, Bora Bora, French Polynesia

martia beach

Bora Bora is one the best travel destination in the world with beautiful islands and beaches and Matira beach is one of them. It stretches from Hotel Bora Bora to Matira point and it is right behind by lush palms and green hills.

The sand of Matira beach is whiter than snow and the lagoon water is so pure and crystal that even you can see animals living under the sea. Here you can do swimming, boating or jet-skiing and you’ll see one of the best sunset of your life.

15. Reynisfjara Black Sand beach, Iceland

black sand

The world-famous Reynisdjara black sand beach is located on the south coast of Iceland, behind the small fishing village Vík í Mýrdal. In 1991, it is listed in top 10 non-tropical beaches to visit in the world by National Geographic.

While most of the beach popular for white or golden sand but Reynisfjara famous for its unique black sand. The reason for the black sand is that it is formed eroded volcanic rocks which are black. Here you’ll see numerous basalt stacks that rise out of the sea and Reynisdrangar Columns that make this place a paradise.

16. Koekohe beach, New Zealand

boulder beach

Koekohe beach of New Zealand is famous for one thing – Moeraki builders. The Moeraki builders are 65 million old large spherical Grey colored stones which weight several tones and are up to 3 meters high. These round stone scattered across the beach, that makes it popular spot for photographer especially during morning and later afternoon when soft sunlight is cast across the rocks.

17. Varadero beach, Cuba


Located in the Province of Matanzas, Varadero beach is one the most famous and largest beach resort in the Caribbean. It is also known as Blue beach because of its clear and calm water.

It is a long 20 KM paradise of white sand that allows the visitor to take long walk along the ocean. Here you will get world-class luxurious hotels that ensure that you’ll have best time of your life with delicious meals.

According to the list of Tripadvisor it comes on the second place of 2019 traveler choice awards. And in 2017 this destination host around 1.7 million foreign visitors.

18. Kourou Beach, French Guiana

green sand beach

After Golden, black, pink and white sand beach lets talk about green sand beach. Kourou beach of French Guiana is famous for its green color sand and it is one the major tourist attraction in French Guiana. When you first-time visit it looks like the green grass but it’s not. This green color sand come from the Olivine which is formed when the sea comes in contact with lava.

19. Bioluminescent Beach, Maldives

bioluminescent beach

Bioluminescent beach (first lets pronounce it for 10 times) of Maldives is another beautiful creation of nature that glows in the night. The sand of this beach comes alive at night with a glowing blue color thanks to the chemical reaction caused by Phytoplankton that is a living organism. It is the best place for newlyweds couple off their honeymoon. It is the only glowing beach at Vaadho or Mudhbhoo island.

20. Sunset beach, Oahu Hawaii

sunset beach hawaii

Located on the North shore of the Island, Sunset beach is one of the famous tourist attractions of Oahu, Hawaii. As the name implies this beach famous for its most beautiful sunset of Hawaii. This versatile beach offers the long stretch of sand that allows you to take a long walk along with the shore of sea.

During winter it becomes a haven for surfing lover because it offers big gigantic wave surfing with swells from 15 to 30 feet and also it hosts world premiere surfing competition. When the waves go flat in the summertime then it becomes a perfect spot for snorkeling.

21. Camps bay beach, Cape Town South Africa

camps bay beach

Enjoy the amazing white sand, crystal blue water and sophisticated ambiance of Camps bay beach of Cape Town. Located between the table mountain and Lion Head is a perfect place for relaxation, sunbathing, cycling and swimming. Here you will get more than 20 restaurants, 20+ luxurious accommodation that offers you typical South African hospitality and beautiful views.

How to Get there:

  • 15 minutes drive from city center.
  • Approx 30 minutes from Cape town international airport.
  • Around 20 minutes from V&A Waterfront.

22. Kelingking Beach – Bali Indonesia


Located in the village of Bunga Mekar is one of the most iconic tourist attraction of the Nusa Penda Island. According to the list of Traveler Choice Awards of 2019 by TripAdvisor, Kelingking beach rank on 19th position from the 25 best beaches in the world and 2nd position from the 25 best beaches in Asia.

The isolated beach itself is down a rough 400m cliffside hike, anyway, the view of Kelingking is apparently more famous than the beach itself. The shape of cliff is like T-REX and that’s the reason its nickname is TY-REX bay.

How to Get there:

There is the only way to reach Kelingking beach is via 40 to 50-minute boat ride from Sanur because it is located in the middle of the ocean on Penida Island.

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23. Butterfly beach – Goa, India

butterfly beach

Experience millions of butterflies flying over the peak blooms and tumbling of the dolphins on Butterfly beach of Goa. This semi-circle shape landscape is a hidden land of adventure with some spectacular views is one of the most photographed place in whole Arabian sea coastline.

Golden sand at the foot of high shakes, which encompassing the Beach with a thick ring from the land, will easily make you feel yourself in paradise. The warm blue water with spotless and shallow ocean floor draws in with its excellence and gives an extraordinary delight.

How to get there:

The only way to get Butterfly beach is water, you have to ride a boat from Palolem beach or Agonda beach.

24. Ngapali beach, Myanmar

nagapali beach

Located on the Bay of Bengal coast in Rakhine state, surrounded by fishing village Ngaplai beach is the main tourist attraction of Myanmar. Turquoise blue water, 7 KM long white soft sand shore and palm tree-lined coast is home of the swanky resort and refreshing bars. Ngapali beach is about relaxing, sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and cycling down the beach and around the local village gives, this all gives you the most mesmerizing experience your life.

25. Honopu beach – Kauai, Hawaii

honopu beach

Honopu beach is one of the most incredible beaches of Hwaaii where boats are not allowed. So to reach there you have to swim. This Jurassic like wonderland divided into two parts by massive rock arch and is set against towering of 365-meter ocean cliffs.

Now you can easily decide your next beach destination. Here we tried to list 25 best beaches of the world but we can’t list every beach so if we forget your favorite one then let us know in the below comment section. If you have been there at any of these beaches then share your experience with us.

Cheers, Until next destination 🙂

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