Top 42 Tourist Destinations in the World


One interesting fact about travel is that couple who travel together have reported an increased feeling of intimacy. So what are you waiting for take a pen & paper and make a list of best travel place in the world but you don’t have to worry about that? We did this for you, we make the list of 42 best tourist destination in the world from Asia to Europe we covered some of best wonders of the world:

1. Hallebros – The forest with young trees and lots of bluebells (The Blue Forest)

top 42 tourist attraction in the world

The forest is crowd favorite because of the beautiful purple carpet of bluebells. The giant Sequoia trees also make a visit to this forest more than worth it.

It is a public forest located in the municipality of Halle, Belgium. In every year for two weeks, the Hallebros turn into the blue forest when ground covered with bluebells.

The perfect time to visit Hellebors to catch the bluebells is different every year, sooner the temperature rise sooner the flower bloom (Mid-April).

2. Blue Lake Lucerne, Switzerland – Take the unforgettable romantic walk here with your loved one

top tourist destination in the world

Lucerne is a city in central Switzerland. Settled at the foot of the great Swiss Alps and on the shores of precious crystal blue Lake Lucerne, laced by a similarly blue lace of the river Reuss, this beautiful place, brimming with complicatedly decorated houses with hundreds of years old ornaments, towers, which are gladly rising in the blue skies likewise to neighboring mounts Pilatus and Rigi, without a doubt justifies the claim of most lovely city in Switzerland.

Every year millions of tourist flock to Lucerne, lured by its airy beauty and irresistible charm. It is also known as the most populous town in central Switzerland.

3. Goblin Forest, Stratford New Zealand – The Forest which look like a Scene of Fantasy Movie

top tourist destination in the world

If you dare to enter the Goblin Forest, you’ll be so confounded by the excellence that you may even start to have dreams. You’d certainly be forgiven for thinking you heard Gollum addressing you personally.

Their trunks and branches have become through and around the existing trees, making the unmistakable contorted, curved timberland. Hanging greeneries, liverworts and plants have added to the interesting impact.

4. Milford Sound, New Zealand – Explore the 8th Wonder of the World

top 42 tourist attraction in the world

Formed by glaciers during the Ice Age, the scene around Milford Sound still bears proof of its creation as epic landscape: Cliffs rise from fjords crowned by mountains and waterfalls.

After experience, the water from surface go underneath to visit the main coasting, submerged observatory in New Zealand, Milford Discovery Center and Underwater Observatory. You can go in excess of 30 feet somewhere down in the water and get 30 deg of the submerged condition.

5. Guanajuato – The most Beautiful City of Mexico

top tourist attraction

Guanajuato is a city in central Mexico. This place is known for its history of silver mining and colonial architecture.

The houses of Guanajuato tumble down the hills that surround with each and every imaginable shading- fuchsia pink mingles with pillar box red, saffron yellow, baby blue, and lime green.

6. Huayna Picchu, Peru – The Sun Gate

top 42 tourist attraction in the world

Huayba Picchu, is a mountain in Peru, rise over the Machu Picchu, the so-called lost city of Incas. The place is popular among tourists as the sunrise from the Sun Gate is simply spectacular.

Its hills provide the best picturesque views of the main square of Machu Picchu, which is widely rated as one of the world’s greatest ancient archaeological sites.

The interesting fact about Picchu is that only 400 people are allowed to climb in a day.

7. Valley of Flower Trek – Heaven on Earth

top tourist attraction

Valley of Flower Trek is located at a height in West Himalaya. This beautiful place is discovered by British traveler name Frank Smith in the year of 1931.

Valley of Flower Trek is surrounded by the mighty Himalayas peaks. Now just imagine that you’re standing in the colorful Valley of flowers with snow covered by the peaks of Himalayas surrounding. Doesn’t it sound fascinating?

This valley is like a dream come true for every photographer and traveler. All the adventurers and explorers trek through this fascinating valley that showcases a variety of flowers like saxifraga, sediams, lilies, poppy, calendula, daisies, geranium, zinnia and petunia.

8. The Twelve Apostles Victoria, Australia– Great Ocean Road

Group of Limestone Stack of Port Campbell National Park.

The Twelve Apostles were created as a result of constant erosion of mainland limestone cliffs by the water and wind of the Southern Ocean. The process began around 10-20 million years ago and the harsh weather conditions gradually eroded the cliffs into caves which eroded further into arches and eventually collapsed, creating the stacks seen today.

Currently, eight apostles are left, the ninth apostles were destroyed dramatically in July 2015. But the name remains the same.

9. Thar Dessert Jaisalmer, India – Great India Dessert

top 42 tourist attraction in the world

Thar Dessert of Jaisalmer is 18th largest subtropical desert in the world with 800KM long and 400KM wide and is spread over 4 Indian states Gujarat, Haryana, Punjab, and Rajasthan including two Pakistani states.

One interesting fact about this place is that all families live together in one residence using the joint family system.

10. The Black Forest, Germany – Germany Most Scenic Regions

top tourist destination in the world

The Black Forest is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, in the southwest corner of Germany, which is very close to Switzerland. This forest is called Black Forest because of the dark color of the numerous pine trees that grow in this region.

This beautiful forest listed in the world most haunted forest in the world. Is it strange?

Some people considered it as a playground for mythological creatures like sorcerers, werewolves, witches, and kindhearted dwarves.

11. Waiheke Island Auckland, New Zealand – Island of wine

top tourist destination in the world

Waiheke Island has become internationally known for the biennial Headland. This place considered as the fourth best Island of the world and fifth best destination in the world.

Here you’ll get amazing wine, beautiful landscapes, gorgeous beaches, cute little cafes and restaurants, crafty shops and art galleries and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

12. Cinque Terre, Italy – Comprise the five small coastal villages

Top tourist Attraction

Cinque Terre means, five lands comprise the five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso and Corniglia, those are located in Italy’s northwestern coastal region of Liguria.

The fun fact about this place is that “The variation of house color in Cinque Terre is because while fisherman doing their job near the shore, they wanted to able to see their house easily and also they could make sure their wives were still home doing the wifely duties.”

13. Ko Tapu, Phuket, Thiland – James Bond Island

The famous James Bond Island – immortalized by the 1974 James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun.

There is an interesting story about the origin of this island: According to legend, a fisherman used to fish in the waters where the rock island is located today. This fisherman caught plenty of fish every day, but one fine day, all he caught with his net was a piece of nail. He threw the nail back into the water, but when he threw his net, he would catch it again – with no fish in sight. In a rage, he hit the nail with a sharp object with all his might, forcing one-half of the nail to jump into the water, which led to the rising of a rock formation that is the Ko Tapu.

14. Hoh Rain Forest- The seventh wonders of Washington State

The Hoh Rainforest is located on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington State, USA.

Hoh Rain forest gets as much as 14 feet of rain every year, WoW!!!

The prevalent fog and mist contributes the equivalent of another 30 inches of rain, resulting in one of the world’s lushest rain forests.

From 1000 of year this forest has managed unchanged unique ecosystem. Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock are the common types of tree grow in Hoh rain forest. These trees can reach over 300 feet high and 7 feet in diameter.

15. Southern Alps, New Zealand – Highest, longest and most glaciated chain of mountains in the country

top tourist attraction

Southern Alps covered almost 60% of South Island including 16 points and all of them exceed more than 3,000 meters in height.

16. San Francisco, California – The Golden City

top tourist attraction

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial and financial center of Northern California. This city is around 46 miles in area. It is the smallest country in the state.

Next time when you going to visit this beautiful city then click as many picture as possible because according to the University of California there is 75% probability of earthquakes between 7.0 to 9.0

strong will occur in 2086.

17. Kicker Rock – The Sleeping Lion

One of the most sought after sites in Galapagos, Kicker Rock, also known as León Dormido, is the remains of a volcanic cone, eroded by the sea across hundredths of years.

It is the eroded cone of an extinct volcano in the shape of a sleeping lion which earned it the name, Leon Dormido. You can only visit this site by boat, and you must be accompanied by a guide at all times.

18. Tahiti South Pacific Australia, New Zealand – The origin of Tattoo, French Polynesia

top tourist attraction

Tahiti and Her Islands covers over 2 million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of five great archipelagos with 118 islands.

Tahiti rank as the best island in the world, best honeymoon destination in the world, best place to visit in Australia and The Pacific.

Here you will get the island of love Moorea, the romantic island Bora Bora, the most photographed isle in the South Pacific Motu Tapu, Fautua Waterfall and many more…

19. Cappadocia, Turkey – Most Magical Place on Earth

top tourist destination in the world

It hard to describe the beauty of this place is word because words is not enough you have to visit this place, it so picturesque and full of magic.

Sometimes weird can be truly beautiful and full of magic. Cappadocia’s is also a weird landscape is what makes it magical. It strange beauty is unique and I doubt if you will ever see a place like this anywhere else on the planet.

20. Great Barrier Reef, Australia – Great Natural Wonder

top tourist destination in the world

One of the most remarkable Australian natural gifts, the Great Barrier Reef is blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the world’s largest coral reef.

The reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays and lite rally hundreds of picturesque tropical islands with some of the world most beautiful sun-soaked, golden beaches. Because of its natural beauty, the Great Barrier Reef has become one of the world’s most sought after tourist destinations.

21. Srinagar, Kashmir India- Paradise on Earth

top tourist attraction

Srinagar is the largest city and the capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir which is also called Switzerland of India. It lies in the Kashmir Valley on the banks of the Jhelum River

If there is heaven on earth, this it is! Experience its charismatic charm!!!

The great Mughal Emperors recognized this place as “Paradise on Earth”.

22. Verona, Italy- The town of Romeo and Juliet

Verona deemed as one of the most romantic cities in Italy, Verona was the backdrop for the most tragic love story of all times, Romeo and Juliet. And for this reason, it’s impossible to visit Verona without seeing Juliet’s infamous balcony.

The interesting things about this place is that People used to write notes declaring their love for someone on the courtyard walls and now more than 5,000 letters are received every year.

23. Bologna, Italy

Top tourist attraction

Bologna is the capital and the largest city in Northern Italy.

In a country famous for its fantastic and delicious food, Bologna is known as the food capital and gastronomic giant and also known for inventing a meaty ragu sauce, used in two tasty regional dishes: tagliatelle and lasagna.

24. Istanbul, Turkey

Top tourist attraction

Istanbul today is the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest in the world. Impressive architecture, historic sites, dining, shopping, nightlife and exotic atmosphere all make Istanbul one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Istanbul is the only city in the world that straddles two continents: Asia and Europe.

25. Luberon France – The Golden Triangle

The Luberon is located in central Provence in the South of France.

Luberon composed of 3 mountain ranges: he Lesser Luberon, the Greater Luberon and the Eastern Luberon. This place is also called as the heaven of French Society because of amazing and picturesque towns, comfortable way of life, agricultural wealth and hiking trails.

26. Lausanne, Switzerland – Olympic Capital

Top tourist attraction

Lausanne is only French-speaking city in Switzerland and the largest city of Vaud.

This city is also called as Swiss San Francisco and it will host the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics.

Lausanne is the fourth largest city in Switzerland with Average percentage of foreigners: 23.3 %. It is the only city in with an underground system in Switzerland.

27. Bali, Indonesia – Island of God

Top tourist attraction

Bali is an Indonesian Island and one of the best holiday destinations in the Indonesian archipelago.

This is place is known for its volcanic mountains, history, culture and people.

The interesting thing about this place is that: You might find yourself sitting on the floor and eating with your hands, in which case use your right hand only, and when you’ve had enough, you should leave a little bit of food on your plate to signify you are done.

28. Norway, Europe – World Happiest Country

top tourist attraction

The northern European country landed at the top in the List World Happiness Index, a list of the happiest countries in the world as ranked by research scientists.

Norway has something to offer to every kind of traveler such as the northern lights and the midnight sun, and one of the best places to glimpse the Aurora Borealis is the Lofoten Islands, in northwestern Norway.

29. Northern lights, Norway

top tourist attraction

The Northern Lights are electrically charged particles from the sun that crush into Earth’s magnetic field. They’re piped down to the magnetic pole of the northern and southern sides of the equator, making a horseshoe-state of energized green particles that swivels and shape-moves over the Arctic Circle.

The best time to visit this place among November and February.

30. Karijini National Park, Western Australia – Your next Travel destination is here

Karijini National Park is located in the Hamersley range of Western Australia. This place is perfect for the travel and adventure geek here you will get some of the most popular place includes Fortescue Falls, Hancock Gorge, Oxer Lookout, Weano Gorge, Hamersley Gorge, and Mt. Bruce.

31. Iceland, North Atlantic Europe

Top tourist attraction

Each year on 21st June Iceland natives and tourist gather for the 3 longest days of the year. For these three days sunset just after midnight and rise before 3 am but at night time also it’s never really dark.

For these 72 hours and also just over the peak of summer when you have basically 24-hour sunlight, people go out hard.

32. Sydney Australia – Your next travel destination

Top tourist attraction

The city is very multicultural, so the food on offer is delicious, and it’s also a fantastic shopping destination and it is also the most tourist destination in the country, attracting over 32 million visitors per year.

The best thing about this city is opera house, harbour bridge, Bodi Beach, Royal Botanic Garden and much more…

33. Queenstown New Zealand

top tourist attraction

Queenstown is located on the shore line of Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand. It is the third largest lake by surface area in New Zealand. You know Queenstown was the base for the Mission Impossible movie team during filming for the latest film.

34. Guilin China – The Magical Place

The geology of Guilin is the absolute most extraordinary place known to the world, with something to stun the eye with pretty much every corner one turns.

Guilin is built around its two rivers and lakes that are inter-connected. Many distinctive bridges crisscross the waterways. The individuals who love walking can spend numerous hours meandering the lovely waterway and lakes make Guilin what it is.

35. Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine Eastern Europe – The wildest side of Europe

The Carpathian Mountains extend for in excess of 900 km inside Romania, in the shape of arch that isolates Transylvania from whatever is left of the nation. Their region is secured by immense zones of pristine forests, in truth the biggest track of unfragmented forest left in Central Europe.

36. Mount Tamapais Marin County, California, United States – Heaven for Hiker’s

The iconic Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California is a hiker’s heaven and a photographer’s paradise. Especially on social media, the mountain is best recognized as a place to capture dreamy images of fog rolling through the trees.

37. Budapest, Hungary Europe – City of Baths

Budapest is home of art or culture and one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. Here you’ll get one of the biggest parliament building of the world, oldest zoos in the world, largest music festival of world, tons of world heritage sites and much more…

Budapest is the city where being bored is not an option, this is the city of full surprise and wonder with hidden & exciting spots, lively center majestic river, tall church spires and many more…

38. Rovaniemi Lapland, Northern Finland – Home Town of Santa Claus

The city is best known as the home of Santa Claus, right astride the Arctic Circle at Santa Claus Village.

Locals are out enjoying their great outdoors throughout these “White Nights” and welcome tourists to join them. Rovaniemi is in the center of a vast natural area of rushing rivers for canoeing, swimming, or fishing, with trails alongside them for hiking and cycling.

39. Keukenhof Park, Holland, Netherlands – The Garden of Europe

Keukenhof Park is one of the world’s largest flower gardens, situated in Lisse, South Holland, Netherland. According to the official website for the Keukenhof Park, approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted annually in the park, which covers an area of 32 hectares.

40. Bryce Canyon Bryce, Utah – Perfect Place for Travel Geek

Bryce Canyon National Park is an American national park located in southwestern Utah. This place is famous for layered red and orange rock pillars, known as hoodoos.

41. Moravian Fields, Czech Republic, Europe – Truly Magical Place

Moravian is large agricultural area in the in southern part of Czech Republic with full of multicolored field and hills. This place is very popular for it vineyards and the very fertile soils.

Every time when you travel this place you feel something magical, here you can meet with lot of deer, hares and boars.

42. Great Smoky National Park, California

It is a most visited national park with 8-100 million visitors every year. Here you’ll find more than 17000 species of plants and animals and scientist believe that there may be 30000 to 80000 more species living there!!!

So here is the list of top 42 tourist destination in the world!!! Hope you enjoyed it and feel the beauty and magic some of the best place to visit in the world.

Did you visit any of the place from above list? Share you experience with us in below comment section.

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