5 Mysterious Place of India That You Must Visit


India is a home of mysterious and unusual places from lake of skeleton to land of immortal everything is mysterious. So here we have listed the 5 most mysterious place of India that you must visit:

1. Jatinga Valley: Birds Commit Suicide

5 Most Mysterious Place of India That You Must Visit

Jatinga is a very beautiful village located in the Assam state of India. It’s surrounded by serene mountains and village is lush green and scenic. But it is not popular to its beauty. In fact, Jatinga is famous for birds who commit suicide in late monsoon months.


Jatinga village is famous for mysterious phenomena of birds suicide in late of monsoon month. At time of evening when people are busy preparing for the night then hundreds of birds come and commit suicide and that happens every day in monsoon season.

Local people tell that there is some evil spirits in the sky that is responsible for bird suicide. But there is no proof of evil spirits and no one satisfied with this explanation so we come up with scientific theory.

Scientist says that birds are amaze by dense monsoon fog and high altitude. So, when they try to fly towards village light they strike with tree or buildings and that resulting in death or some serious injuries.

But there is no theory behind that why these birds are flying at night and why they get trapped every year at same place. Still it’s a mystery and we wait that time when we get to know the actual reason behind it.

2. Roopkund: The lake of Skeleton

5 Most Mysterious Place of India That You Must Visit

Roopkund is located at the elevation of 16500 feet in the Uttarakhand state of India. The area is uninhabited at the high altitude of 5029 in the Himalaya. This place is famous for founding hundred of skeletons at the edge of lake.


When every year ice is melting in Roopkund then hundreds of skeletons are seen floating. It is a natural thing of seen skeleton at this lake. What is reason behind that? Still is a mystery.

But some scientist believes that these skeletons around 1200-year-old, when they did a forensics test on these skeletons. No one knows who these people were and how they died.

According to the story local people the skeletons can be the king of Jasdhawal of Kanauj and his pregnant wife or number of servants, they were headed to Nanda Devi shrine.

But before they reach their destination they were caught in a hailstorm with hailstone size of cricket balls and they try to hide themselves but they unable to find the place to hide and the whole group perished near the lake.

3. Kodinhi Kerala: The Village of twins

5 Most Mysterious Place of India That You Must Visit

Kodinhi is the village in the Kerala state of India. The village is located near to the town of Tirurangadi and after 2008 it is home of more than 2000 families. Kodinhi is famous for a large number of twins birth in the region.


Kodinhi is also known as the name of “village of twins”. It comes to international attention when people get to know about the large of the number of twins in the same region around 200.

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No one can find the actual reason how and why it’s happening. Interesting thing is that those women who form Kodinhi, married outside this village also have multiple births.

Some of the doctors believe that it’s happen due to chemical makeup of water in the area.

Kodinhi have more than 200 sets of twins and 2 set of triplets. That’s really interesting isn’t?

4. Kongka La Pass: UFO base Mystery

5 Most Mysterious Place of India That You Must Visit

Kongka La Pass is the low edge pass in the Himalaya state of India. It comes under India-China border area in Ladakh. That is the area where Indian and Chinese army fought a major war in 1962.

This area is one of the least accessible areas in the world due to the arrangement of tthe wo countries do not portal this part of the border.


According to one theory the UFO sightings are common phenomena in this disputed region. Some people say the both country government have information about the UFO base but they don’t want to disclose anything to the public.

There are some incidences that prove that this area is UFO base:

First time in 2004 UFO sighting was reported by team of Geologists who were performing an expedition led by Dr. Anil Kulkarni of space Application center in Ahmadabad. They capture a film in that a robot like figure of four feet walked along the mountain ridge and moved vertically before the disappeared.

Second time between 1st August and 15th October of 2012 the Indian army has noticed UFOs in region of Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir. Also the police force reported more than 100 sighting of shinning object.

Many local people consider that UFO sighting is the natural thing at this place. But still it is a mystery and we do not have any strong proof that this area is UFO base.

5. Gyanganj: The land of Immortal

5 Most Mysterious Place of India That You Must Visit

India the mythical land holds the secrets of immortality. It is the place where Gyanganj or Shambala exists. But we really don’t know where is that place or tales of Gyanganj is true or not but their some stories that somewhat sound convincing.


The Himalayas hide the mystery in plenty, but the biggest is about immortality that known by several names like Gyanganj, Shambala or Shangri-La.

Gyanganj is hidden somewhere in the Himalaya and is consider that its holds the immortal saints with supernatural power who silently guide human destiny.

Sai kaka a yogi who claimed that he visits the Gyanganj and says: “On the adhyatmic or spiritual level it runs the universe. On celestial level the earth and water particle are absent, enabling powerful activity. Gyanganj effect many planes and beings and Gyanganj guide human being in spiritual and social fields.” Still, we don’t have any proof about that Gyanganj is exist or not. And no one knows the actual location of Gyanganj.

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