10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to India


There is no place like India in this world. With a population of 1.3 billion, an assorted scene that ranges from Himalayan tops to Indian Ocean coastline, and a rich social legacy that is naturally connected to spirituality, even the most experienced among us think that its overwhelming at first.

So before planning anything, first take a look on these 10 Things You should know before Traveling to India:

Travel Slowly

India is wonderful unpredictable country, things you see here you’ll never gone see anywhere in the world like the culture, food, language and many more.

Go with a sense of humor or you’ll be always disappointed.

If you want of give yourself the best chance to love India then travel slowly, get out of the major city, and truly become acquainted with a place instead of hurrying starting with one city then onto the next.

Don’t Pack Heavy

If you’re going to visit India then pack light will be helpful for you because a country with more than billions of people have different culture and dress code according to the place. In that case you will find yourself out of the box.

So, pack lightly follows the dress code according to city because every city has different dress code and some of the areas, including religious sites, dressing modesty are mandatory.

It is also necessary to remove shoes before entering into temple.

Embrace the diversity

India is not a small country; India is a land of more than billions of people including different religious, different culture. You cannot define India by single culture.

When you travel India try to embrace everything around you. India has a high contrast of modern and traditional, take it all in.

Research Research Research

India is a wonderful country from everywhere from majestic temple to striking natural landmark and lively city. So, it is good to know which areas interest you!!!

So, instead of trying to see it all in one time, pick one part of country to focus on and get up to eyes on it. Don’t forget to taste of classic India, start to the golden triangle which touches the three of the most beautiful destination of India: Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Don’t make a plan to see full India in once because it is not possible to visit whole Country even in six months.

Indian people

10 things you should know before traveling to india

The best thing about Indian people is that they are so friendly but shy to talk. You can try to talk to them in buses, metro or streets, most of the time you find they’ll happy to do and allow you to click photos of them.

Just because you’re in India it doesn’t mean all people you meet are from small villages or haven’t seen white face before. Some of them might spend half their time in abroad due to business. You can find Indian people in every part of the world.

You should know basic words of Hindi

If you’re planning to visit India first time then start learning some Hindi words it will help you on streets, shopkeepers or get some basic help with people. Here are some Hindi word which will help you:

Namaste and Ram-Ram– Hi, Hello

Acha- Good

Thik hai- Okk, right, yeah, yes

Yaha- here, Kaha- where (you can use these word at bus stand or with rickshaw driver)

Karipya – Please

Sukriya or Dhanyawad – Thank You

Kitna Rupiya Hua- How much money

Matlab- meaning

Madat- Help

Try to learn these Hindi words, these will help you and make you laugh. For more you can take coaching classes.

Try to Keep Basic Medicine with You

If you’re visiting India for a first time then it is obvious you might face some health issue. Because of environmental changes or food, Indian culture, food and environment is unique, you’ll never found anything like this at anywhere in the World.

Don’t get panic at any point, most of the time it’ll pass. And don’t take antibiotics each time you’re sick always consult with doctor unless it is necessary for a bus or train ride.

Choose Perfect time for Perfect State

10 things you should know before traveling to india

India has four climatologically season with some local adjustment: winter (December, January and February), hot summer (March, April and May), rainy or monsoon season (June to September) and Post monsoon season (October to November).

Each city is different in different season like you can visit mountains in December to November because most of the roads are closed. October or March is the best time to visit Rajasthan and Gujarat. For more travel guide: India Travel Guide

Try to Adapt

Indian culture is a ancient, traditional and very different from western culture. So, try to adapt all the things work different here and go with flow I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

You attitude is the key; your attitude will affect how much you enjoy in India. Come with open mind and open heart India will open up to you.

Indian food is Amazing

10 things you should know before traveling to india

In every part of the country there is a different specialty of food, every city has own specialty, I’m sure you will love it.

You will never found food like on Indian local streets in any part of the word. There is lot of variety like samosas, Matar paneer, Makki ki Roti and Sarson ka saag, Dhokla, Bajre ki rooti with makhan, chole batura and many more. And never miss to have a special masala chai on local streets (Chai ke Tapree).

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